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Tiffany Greens Neighborhood Real Estate Golf Course Homes For Sale


The Gunselman Team specializes in Luxury Golf Course Homes for sale. Tiffany Greens is special to us as three members of the Gunselman team live in Tiffany Greens. The Gunselman Real Estate Team has been in business since 2010 selling over 175 homes a year. We are the go to real estate team when it comes to buying or selling in the neighborhood.

Tiffany Greens Neighborhood has over 200 homes. Features of the Community Center include a video room with 60-inch plasma television and audio system, surround-system throughout, two fully-equipped kitchens, preparation room for caterer, exercise room, incredible fire-and-ice fireplace, marketing rooms, offices, community room, shower rooms, two levels of terracing/patio, secured access, and stunning views overlooking the swimming pavilion, lake, and golf course. Perfect for entertaining, the Tiffany Greens Community Center is available to host your special celebration or event. The opulent setting and rustic grandeur of the 6500-square foot Center supplies the perfect backdrop for all events that are important to you.

Tiffany Greens Neighborhood is very involved in the golf course with events ranging from Women’s and Men’s league nights, group events, couples golf, night golf, and the best event of the year called the Stagecoach tournament. Call us at 816-268-6006 for more information today.